Thursday, August 7, 2014

No Code Hide Recent from Quick Menu

This isn't new, other's have posted this solution, but I think it's so elegant that I just want to spread the word. There are many JavaScript solutions, but personally, I would rather have a no code solution. It's simple so I'm not going to post any images. There are others that have created step-by-step blogs that are much more detailed, so keep looking down the google search results list if you need more info. :)

1. Create a new SharePoint group called Nobody.

2. Remove yourself from the group. (you are automatically added when you create the group.)

3. Under Site Settings, Navigation, under  "Structural Navigation: Editing and Sorting", select 'Recent' and click edit.

4. In the Audience field, add "Nobody".

5. Make sure to kick 'OK' for the page or your changes won't be saved.



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