Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Set Default Content Type

I am writing this because I couldn't find the way to set the default content type through the browser. If you know, please comment below.

The reason for doing this is to have your content type come up when the user selects new item. If you didn't do this, the user has to click the down arrow on the new item in the ribbon, and then select your content type. (Sometimes, this is just too much to ask a user to know how to do and why "Promoted Links" is so popular.)

It is actually quit ease with SharePoint Designer. You only need to navigate to your list, select the content type, then select 'Set as Default' from the ribbon.



Monday, November 10, 2014

Issue Uploading a Large Number of Large Files to SharePoint

If you have ever been asked to upload a large number of large files (like videos) to SharePoint and found yourself cringing at the thought from past experiences then this post is for you! It seems like this should be a no brainer in SharePoint, but it's not.

I have tried uploading large files with open with explorer, but it basically hangs your windows explorer and leaves you wondering if it is ever going to complete. Sometimes it seems like pot luck if it does.

The next option is to leverage 'Sync'. I have done it this way in the past. It works, but it only worked for me if I dropped 5 large files at a time. Any more and it just didn't want to work robustly. I also had to clear my cache as I went along. Plus, what happens if you already have gigabytes of data in the library. Do you really want a copy of that locally?!

The answer, for me, was simply to use the "Upload" option.

For each large file that you want to upload, just open up a new page for that document library and select your file. It doesn't show you the progress, but you can easily navigate to another page and start the next upload or continue browsing without any noticeable overhead. For me, it "seemed" faster and more reliable than "Open with Explorer" and 'Sync'. These two options are great for the right scenario, but when comes to large files, 'Upload' seems the way to go. Hope this helps.

Happy uploading!